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Morgan Jones, MA, LCSW


What I believe

I believe that in life there are many types of adversity but with the correct tools we can overcome these trials. Within the natural world, the willow tree demonstrates resilience via its flexibility and it is often the last tree left standing in high winds. An oak tree loses its leaves in the harsh winter, but its roots go deeper into the ground to survive and when spring comes it flourishes. The Navy SEALS have a “Forty Percent Rule.” This refers to when you hit a point of stress or exhaustion beyond which you think you cannot go. The SEALS say that when your mind is telling 

you you’re finished, you’re really only 40 percent finished! Even in your own human strength you have resources far beyond what you realize. For Christians, incorporating our identity in Christ and understanding scripture allows for us to transform our mind. With this being said, I recognize each person’s experience with incorporating the Bible may not have been positive, and I want to explore a new perspective. Life has a way of throwing obstacles at us, and my hope is to help you feel validated, heard, empowered, and learn ways to cope with stressors. I like to empower clients to drive their own treatment by making it person-centered and walking alongside your journey to freedom.


I was brought up in a Christian home and embraced Christianity at a young age. I was baptized in middle school and engaged in youth group throughout high school. I worked as a volunteer at Catalyst through Traders Point Christian Church, and have been actively engaged in various types of other volunteer work including greeting, serving coffee, Wheeler Mission Women’s and Men’s Shelter, and the special needs prom. I am married, expecting a child in August 2020, and live in the Traders Point area. I engage in CrossFit, marathons, rock climbing, hiking, road trips, and do the Hilly Hundred cycling event yearly.



I graduated from IUPUI with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work. I belong to the NASW social work chapter in Indiana. Clinically, my work has varied greatly, with time spent in school-based counseling, hospitals, jail settings, stress centers, residential treatment centers, home-based, ACT team, and non-profit entities. My style is direct, warm, empathetic, and attentive. With child and adolescent work, I use a lot of play therapy techniques and implement role-playing, various types of therapeutic board games, and encourage family engagement when appropriate. My work is theoretically grounded in cognitive and dialectical behavioral principles.



Individual: Women’s issues, Depression/Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Trauma/Sexual Abuse, Personal Boundaries, Grief and Loss, Family of Origin issues, Child and adolescent behavioral problems, School-related problems

Couples: Communication, Conflicted Couples, Life Transitions, Conflict/Boundaries with Extended Family

Family: Communication, Parent/ Adult Child issues, Parenting techniques, Conflict resolution, and Problem Solving

DCS: work with families and the state of Indiana related to trauma, abuse, neglect, and addressing any problems to allow for reunification

Schools: Educate staff on mental health diagnosis, interventions, and strategies for behavioral problems within classroom and home settings

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