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Corrie Weir, MA, LMHC


What I believe

It takes great courage and strength to make the active choice to use new tools, books, or exercises to grow as a person.  We were created to live in community and be in relationship with others.  It is in learning and evaluating how we make choices, how we get along in relationships, how other's choices have affected us, and how we experience emotions that we can move forward onto a path of greater understanding and joy. If you are someone who follows Jesus, in the book of Genesis, chapter 16, an Angel of the Lord visits Hagar after she has fled from her home.  In verse 

13, she says, “You are the God who sees me”. That is such an amazing statement. I am so thankful for El Roi, the God who sees us and knows our hearts on the inside including our struggles and our pain, not just what is seen on the outside.  He is faithful and is with us no matter what we are experiencing.


I am a pastor’s kid and have been a part of many different churches throughout my life.  I was very involved in every church my dad served, but it was in college that I chose to own my own faith and to have a relationship with Jesus that was not my parent's.  I then started to lead worship for FCA and became an active member of a weekly Bible study. Following college, I have been a volunteer leader on worship teams at 4 different churches over the last 20 years!  I have volunteered with youth groups as a small group leader, kids Sunday classes,  leading worship for kids worship for K-4th grade as well as young adult ministries.  Presently, my husband and I attend Eagle Church.  We have been married for 15 years and we have 2 children.  I love to spend time reading, attending fitness and spinning classes, singing, and hanging out with my family.



I have a BS in English Secondary Education from Ball State University.  I went on to continue my  graduate studies at Indiana Wesleyan University and in 2007 obtained an MA in Community Counseling as well as an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling with a minor in Addictions.  While in graduate school I volunteered as a CASA for Child Advocates for children in foster care. I have counseled couples, families, individuals, and teens at East 91st Street Christian church and St. Vincent Stress Center in the substance abuse program.  I was an Intensive Family Preservation therapist through Bethany Christian services for homebased therapy for families at risk for removal of their children by DCS because of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), neglect, trauma, domestic violence, etc.  I also counseled families for the reunification of their children back into the home.  I stayed home with my children for 10 years and have volunteered throughout that time as a counseling consultant for friends and family as well as worship ministries. I am excited to be a part of RGC.


Individuals: Anxiety/Depression, Boundaries, Communication, Domestic Violence, Estrangement, Family of Origin Issues, Ministry issues, Miscarriage, Teens, Women’s Issues

Couples: Communication, Conflict with Extended Family

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